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Electric heating furnace well in the more low-carbon economic development
Mar 08, 2016

Traditional thermal oil heaters for the electric heater, large upfront investment costs, decreasing production cost coal-fired thermal oil heaters can save production costs. While the production cost of electric heating furnace could be controlled in a certain range, in the steady state. Development of energy utilization of the Earth's resources, in-depth study of future trends in heat conduction oil stove, the final aim at development of electric heating furnace. While lower-cost coal-fired heat-conducting oil furnace, but use a lot of coal resources, and environmental pollution. Coal-fired thermal oil heaters and cannot be a long-term development. Contrary, the electric heater, electric heat, clean and pollution-free and conducive to the development of economy and environment can have a good, worthy of promotion. Design of the heat conduction oil furnace needs fully into account environmental, economic, practical, and information technology.