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Explosion-proof electric heater ensures that the normal lubricant in low temperature use
Mar 08, 2016

Products mainly consists of a pump body, impeller, shaft, bearing and mechanical seal, instrumentation and electrical heating system consists of seven parts. Specific structure is as follows:

(1) pump for the horizontal level in the open structure, with twin volute design, with small radial force, high hydraulic efficiency, convenient maintenance and so on. On the import and export settings in the next pump pump body, import and export pipeline repaired without dismantling and motor.

(2) single-stage double-suction impeller closed structure design of three-dimension optimization of cavitation and flow surface hardening treatment, with long life, high efficiency, small axial force, cavitation characteristics of good performance.

(3) structural design of shaft with rigid, short span between bearing and shaft seal deflection is small, smooth running.

(4) bearings and lubrication of rolling bearings, housings equipped with explosion-proof electric heater ensures lubricant in low temperature environment of outdoor use.