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Explosion-proof electric heater enhanced convection heat helps extend the life of
Mar 08, 2016

1, explosion-proof electric heater gas inlet velocity increases can enhance convection heat, reducing the surface temperature of the heating element, not only helps extend service life of the heating element, and the heat loss is reduced, which improves the efficiency of the heat exchanger, but if too large, surge in pressure loss, this will not help improve heating efficiency.

2, and if other conditions not variable, change surface load, explosion-proof electric heater in the electric components of wall temperature will is line changes, if surface load increases, electric components of wall temperature will increases, this will reduced electric components of using life, but if surface load had small, wall temperature low, heat exchanger of efficiency and reduced has, so electric components of surface load of select compared important.

3, when air temperature T2 explosion-proof electric heater, since air viscosity increases, gas Reynolds number decrease convective heat intensity, the surface of the heating element temperature rising at the same time, increased heat loss, thus reducing the efficiency of the heat exchanger. When T2 is too large, and surface temperature of the heating element will also be greatly increased, which General Electric heating elements cannot afford, so the increase of T2 is usually limited by the heating element material thermal properties.