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Application Characteristics Of Explosion - Proof Electric Heater
Jun 28, 2017

Explosion-proof electric heaters specifically convert energy to heat, so as to heat the object in the heater to heat. In the course of use, the lower temperature of the medium through the pipeline to its pressure to run into the organic carrier, along the electric heater inside the specialized pipeline, Explosion-proof Electric Heater the research team in the experimental study, the use of thermodynamic principles designed a specific Way to remove the electric heating element in the work encountered by the high temperature heat, so that the object to be heated heating heating, so that the exit to get the desired effect. The structure of the explosion-proof electric heater is the control system, which is transferred to the automatic adjustment system according to the input temperature. Explosion-proof Electric Heater The electric heater is changed so that the temperature of the heating object is the same. When the temperature of the heating element is too high, the heating element is safe The detection device will automatically cut off the power to prevent the deterioration of heated objects, serious damage to the components of the electric heater, leaving the electric heater life shortened.

Explosion-proof electric heater itself is not large, but its power is very large, a single heating tube rated power can be done more than 6000W, Explosion-proof Electric Heater can be easily made of plate-shaped electric heater, gas heater, warm Fans, oven, drying Road, and other high-infrared heating equipment. China's electric heater manufacturers according to customer needs, in the explosion-proof electric heater wall will have a certain part of the gold, titanium and other precious metals or zirconium, aluminum and other oxide directional reflective layer, explosion-proof electric heater can greatly improve the heating Medium heating efficiency, reduce the temperature of the reflector, protect the internal high temperature voltage system of the explosion-proof electric heater.

Explosion - proof electric heater in the mechanical industry application characteristics

1, can achieve the internal high temperature voltage system uninterrupted transmission. To ensure that the electric heating equipment within the high temperature voltage system to obtain higher energy consumption of energy. To meet the media at work when the high-temperature heating requirements, Explosion-proof Electric Heater so that its role to the maximum.

2, explosion-proof electric heater with a sophisticated structure, light weight, light weight, easy installation process. When the heating is not harmful to the surrounding environment, can be relatively low working pressure to obtain a very high heating temperature and efficiency.

3, intelligent high standards. Its use of advanced intelligent heating mode, that is, through the explosion-proof electric heater internal high-temperature voltage medium to set the work of the original temperature, in the experiment, the temperature control accuracy can reach ± 2 ℃ ~ ± 0.2 ℃ The scope of the.

4, electrical equipment has a number of related interfaces, you can at any time on the heat pump, heat transfer oil temperature flow, the internal high temperature voltage pressure for effective monitoring. In order to achieve explosion-proof electric heater more energy efficient, Explosion-proof Electric Heater more environmentally friendly, more efficient idealized reform.