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Automatic Control Of Steam Heater
Sep 27, 2017

The steam heater reheates the saturated steam of the user through the electric heater and allows the user to obtain the high temperature superheated steam at low pressure to reach the technological temperature required by the user.When the temperature of the medium reaches the set value of the process requirement, Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater the electric heater The control system automatically adjusts the output power of the electric heater according to the temperature sensor of the output port.

Steam heater Product Features:

1, small size, power;

Steam heater internal use of the main group of tubular heating elements, each cluster-type tubular electric heating element maximum power of 2000KW.

2, fast thermal response, high precision temperature control, Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater comprehensive thermal efficiency;

3, a wide range of applications, strong adaptability;

Steam heater can be applied to explosion-proof or ordinary occasions, its explosion-proof grade up to B-class and C-class, its pressure up to 20Mpa. And according to the user needs the cylinder with vertical or horizontal installation.

4, the heating temperature is high;

Steam heater design maximum operating temperature up to 650 ℃, Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater which is the general heat exchanger can not get.

5, fully automated control;

Through the steam heater circuit design, can easily achieve the export temperature, pressure, flow and other parameters of automatic control, and computer networking, Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater to achieve man-machine dialogue.

6, long life, high reliability;

Steam heaters are made of special electric materials, plus the design of the power load are more conservative, the heater with multiple protection, making the steam heater safety and life greatly increased.

Steam heaters use electric energy to convert the basic principle of heat, through the electric components to convert energy into heat heat to hot water to generate heat and steam. Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater In the user low temperature pipeline using electric heater, can meet the requirements of the user requirements of the process temperature;

Easy to install, low surface load, long life, thermal efficiency up to 99%

Using the computer program to control the automatic control system, Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater the use of hierarchical start, a high degree of automation, without special care.

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