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Detailed Control Of The Air Heater System
Mar 08, 2016

1) air heater for resistive heating, the appearance of forms for the flange type electric heater.

2) air heater consists of two heaters (240kW and 160kW) a series of horizontal installation, install form support legs installed, 240kW electric heaters are divided into 3 groups, each power 80kW,160kW electric heaters are divided into 3 groups, each group of 53.3kW, "" connection.

3) powered by electric heaters, which heat, thereby heating the container flow medium and medium reaches the set temperature at the exit.

4) air heater temperature control implemented by the temperature table ST1, ST1 collection outlet temperature signal, PID control, output power signal 4-20mA on SCR trigger module, thereby controlling the heater output power can realize stepless power adjustment of the output 0-400kW.

5) temperature alarm instrument ST2 6 temperature within the heater, when the flow rate is too low or no flow, and heater dry happens when internal temperature of over a meter at any point over temperature alarm setpoint control loop and lock, and with alarm led. Must be reset by manual, heater can only restart.

6) system has pressure alarm system, control cabinet, operation and user's system pressure for chain, chain signal provided by DCS only in medium pressure under normal circumstances, the heater is allowed to start.

7) heaters during operation, when the SCR SCR internal overtemperature, overcurrent or short fault occurs, the heater will be cut off, and alarm signals to DCS.

8) system has a number of chains, chain can be used with other devices, not shorted.