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Easy Maintenance Of Hot Air Heating Device
Aug 15, 2017

The hot air heating device relates to an infrared heating device for drying machine, which belongs to the drying technology field of agricultural products. The device is mainly aimed at drying the agricultural products directly after burning hot air with the fuel stove as the heating device, Hot Air Heating Device the harmful substances produced by fuel combustion pollute the agricultural products, the poisonous and harmful substances residue on the agricultural products, and the use of coal-fired furnace as heating device, drying agricultural products, there are coal combustion pollution environment, energy consumption, a high cost of investment problems, Hot Air Heating Device a hot air heating device is proposed. The device uses the infrared plate as the heat source of the heating device, and the heat of the infrared heating plate is stored and transmitted through the heat conduction plate, and the air in the hot air heating device is fully contacted with the infrared plate and the heat conductive plate, and the heat transfer efficiency is improved and the air temperature is increased. The device has high thermal efficiency, simple structure, low investment cost, flexible installation and convenient maintenance, which can be applied to all kinds of dryers.

The use of hot-air heating device can reduce the paper machine drying department at the entrance of the paper moisture, so that the paper machine to improve the speed, Hot Air Heating Device and can improve the paper horizontal moisture uniformity and enhance the paper wet strength, reduce the beheading.

The hot air heating device has the advantages of small volume, light weight and stable and reliable operation for a long time. Provide 20~650℃ continuous adjustable, Hot Air Heating Device temperature difference ±1℃ high quality hot air, is the first choice of equipment supporting the industry.

Performance and characteristics of hot air heating device:

Drying: Various types of drying heating equipment.

Welding: Thermoplastic welding.

Thermal shrinkage Welding: Heat shrinkable film packaging and film-type parts of the hot-melt welding.

Heating: Chain-type baking and heating tunnel.

Cleaning: Remove plastic mold residue, Hot Air Heating Device enhance the surface luster of plastic parts.

Solder and Welding: integrated circuit patches and components welding and welding.