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Excellent Heat Transfer Performance Of Steam Heaters
Oct 12, 2017

The steam heater adopts steel-aluminum composite fin tube as the main heat exchanger element. Due to the use of advanced composite technology, Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater in the tube temperature below 210 degrees of basic non-contact thermal resistance. The water temperature machine combines the pressure resistance of the steel tube and the high thermal conductivity of aluminum, the heat transfer performance is excellent, while avoiding the direct contact between the steel pipe and the air, and the corrosion resistance has been effectively improved. Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater Because the fins are not folded, the air resistance is lower than the winding type. Temperature also has the advantages of easy water, easy cleaning, compact structure and large heat transfer area.

The working principle of the steam heater is to put a more primary and a secondary with less turns on the same iron core. The input and output voltage ratio equals the ratio of coil turns, while the energy remains unchanged. Therefore, the secondary produces a large current under low voltage conditions. For induction heaters, Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater the bearing is a short circuit secondary, with a lower AC voltage under the condition of a large current, resulting in a large amount of heat. The electric heater itself and the magnetic yoke remain at room temperature. Because the heating method can induce the current, the bearing will be magnetized. It is important to ensure that the bearing is degaussing in the future so that it does not absorb metal particles during operation. Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater The heat-sensitive heater has automatic degaussing function.

The controlled variable of the steam heater is the outlet temperature of the cold fluid and the operating volume is the steam flow. Is the most commonly used adjustment scheme, if the effect of interference, so that the temperature of the heater outlet is lower than the set value, then the regulator according to the Deviation and action, control valve open large, steam flow increase, regulating valve valve pressure increase, so that the average temperature difference between the heat transfer increase, resulting in increased heat transfer, Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater so that the heating fluid temperature Back to set value.

Steam heaters are characterized by: steam heaters and steam filters composed of; The steam heater is an aluminum cuboid shape, wherein an electric heating rod is arranged, a spiral water pipe is arranged on the heating edge of the electric heating rod, and the inlet of the spiral water pipe is arranged at one end of the electric heating rod, Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater and the outlet is arranged at the bottom of the electric heating rod. The utility model replaces the heating of the boiler with the heating of the electric heating rod, and the-value presents the linear relation, which changes the gas supply temperature, the pressure index instability and the low energy consumption in the existing technology, and the manufacturing cost of the utility model is low, which is advantageous to the production cost reduction.

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