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Explosion-proof Electric Heater Has Become One Of Life's Essential Supplies
Mar 08, 2016

Explosion-proof electric heater becomes an integral part of people's lives, one of perhaps many who found no shell design, it also has special features. A lot of instruments in order to reduce weight, easy to carry in the shell are used in design of plastic casing, rather than the quality of metal.

Explosion-proof electric heaters are equally suitable for a plastic shell, but in order to prevent the accumulation of static electricity dangers requires the resistance of the shell shall not exceed 1x109 f must do a shock resistance and thermal stability of the experiment. For some at run time temperature of spark, arc or dangerous equipment or great power and current equipment shall be in the junction box and equipment electrical connections terminal box is intended for the main cable or wire connected parts and electrical equipment. Explosion-proof electric heater in its shell from the obvious total permanent Ex explosion-proof signs and MA safety signs.