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Explosion-proof Electric Heater High Degree Of Automation
Sep 27, 2017

Explosion-proof electric heater is a kind of explosion-proof device used for explosion-proof occasions to convert electric energy into heat energy to heat the material to be heated. It is an explosion-proof device which is improved on the basis of electric heater. Explosion-proof Electric Heater It is our company in the absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad on the basis of developed a kind of energy efficient, new security, can provide high-temperature thermal explosion-proof industrial furnace.

Explosion-proof electric heater works:

Explosion-proof electric heater in the work of low-temperature fluid medium through the pipeline under pressure to enter its input port, along the electric heating vessel inside the specific heat exchanger flow channel, the use of fluid thermodynamic principles of the design path, Explosion-proof Electric Heater take away the work of the electric components produced High temperature heat energy, so that the heating medium temperature rise and eventually achieve the purpose of heating this principle.

Explosion-proof electric heater features:

Products with small size, light weight, compact structure, easy installation and operation.

The product is free of contamination when heated and can achieve a higher operating temperature at lower operating pressures.

The use of advanced automatic temperature control mode, Explosion-proof Electric Heater a high degree of automation;

The use of advanced control technology, temperature control accuracy can reach ± 1 ℃ ~ ± 0.1 ℃;

Products with multiple interlocking interface, at any time effective monitoring;

With over-temperature alarm system to ensure the safe operation of the system.

The use of heat-type closed-loop heating, Explosion-proof Electric Heater high heat utilization.

Significant energy savings, low operating costs and quick investment recovery.

Explosion-proof electric heater is a kind of electric energy to heat the use of heating appliances, it is in those international advanced electric heater on the basis of our own research and development of environmental protection and energy efficient and efficient for high voltage voltage explosion-proof electric heating Device, Explosion-proof Electric Heater it has its own pure in the field.

It is suitable for oil in the oil fuel oil paraffin heating, chemical raw materials to adapt to the chemical raw materials, heating, drying and other technologies, as well as military offshore platforms and other needs of the explosion-proof sites.

Explosion-proof electric heater features are as follows:

1, it is small, light weight, simple structure, simple operation, the operation of the human body does not cause harm, but also does not pollute the environment, can be in the low temperature environment to quickly increase the temperature, to achieve a certain effect.

2, is a highly intelligent instrument, by the technical staff of its intelligent operation can run on their own, through the gas within the high temperature voltage medium to determine the running temperature.

3, because the electric heater itself is equipped with multiple interfaces, Explosion-proof Electric Heater it can at any time on the heat transfer oil, heat pump temperature changes to monitor the regulation, you can achieve the role of electric heater explosion, Explosion-proof Electric Heater but also played a green energy efficient The role of security.

4, but also to achieve the electric heating internal energy efficient conversion to thermal energy to meet its internal thermal heating to the standard boundaries of the requirements.

Dust electrical appliances please pay attention to this level of continuous improvement of technology, this explosion-proof electric heater will be in more areas to show their talents.

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