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Explosion-proof Electric Heater In Use After A Period Of Time Will Not Heat
Mar 08, 2016

Explosion-proof electric heater is in use, for example after a period of time will not heat, most likely due to internal heating wire broken or bad, if it is broken as long as or for a new one can be, but if it is bad you will need to re-connection of the circuit. There is also more serious explosion-proof electric heater leakage phenomenon happens, this to determine the exact location of the leakage, if it is a electric leakage can be in the oven and bake just, in effect is not obvious under the effect of electric heater must be replaced, if it is a conductor insulation damage caused by leakage of electrical tape around it. Anyway be sure to pay attention to their personal security, in the case of these don't know or to find a professional staff for maintenance.