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Gas Electric Heater And A Wide Range Of Advantages Of Using Significant
Mar 08, 2016

Gas heater heat exchange equipment is used is converted into heat, energy supply, compact, automatic temperature control, ease of installation and maintenance, pollution-free and so on. Electric heaters made up of tubular container and heating elements, with a temperature control cabinet (set). Control part adopts advanced digital circuits, integrated circuit trigger, composed of high voltage thyristor adjustable temperature measurement, temperature control system to ensure the normal operation of the electric heater. Replaced heating element straight tube u-shaped structure with special sheet metal hand-easy to install and remove. Temperature control by SCR adjusting, PID digital display and temperature control range can be set at the desired temperature and automatically maintain a constant temperature, temperature control ± 5 ℃. And have a more limited sound and light alarm and protection functions, can be local or remote control. Special orders are also available to design and manufacture.