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High Temperature Control Precision Of Explosion-proof Electric Heater
Aug 03, 2017

Explosion-proof electric heater is an international popular high quality long-life electric heating equipment. It is used for heating, heat preservation and heating of flowing liquid and gaseous medium. Explosion-proof Electric Heater When the heating medium under pressure through the electric heater heating cavity, using the principle of fluid thermodynamics evenly take away the heat generated by the heating element work, Explosion-proof Electric Heater so that the temperature of the heated medium to meet the user process requirements.

Explosion-proof electric heater is a kind of energy-consumption conversion to heat, to heat the heating material. At work, cryogenic fluid enters its inlet through a pipe under pressure, along with the specific heat exchanger inside the electric heating vessel, Explosion-proof Electric Heater using the path of the fluid thermodynamics principle, the high temperature heat energy produced in the work of the heating element is taken away, the temperature of the heated medium is elevated, and the electric heater outlet gets the high temperature medium. The internal control system of electric heater automatically adjusts the output power of the electric heater according to the temperature sensor signal of the outlet. Explosion-proof Electric Heater The dielectric temperature of the output port is even; when the heating element over-temperature, the heating element of the independent overheating protection device immediately cut off the heat supply, to avoid heating material caused coking, metamorphism, carbonization, serious heat components burned, effectively extend the service life of electric heater.

The typical application occasions of explosion-proof electric heaters are:

1, chemical industry chemical materials heated heating, Explosion-proof Electric Heater some pressure under certain powder drying, chemical process and spray drying.

2, hydrocarbon heating, including petroleum crude oil, heavy oil, fuel oil, heat conduction oil, lubricating oil, paraffin, etc.

3, the process of water, superheated steam, molten salt, nitrogen (air) gas, water and gas, etc. need to heat up heating fluid.

4, due to the use of advanced explosion-proof structure, Explosion-proof Electric Heater equipment can be widely used in chemical industry, military, petroleum, natural gas, offshore platforms, ships, mining areas and other explosion-proof sites.

Use condition of explosion-proof electric heater:

Working condition and installation place of electric heating system

* Ambient temperature:-15~45℃

* Relative Humidity: 46%~91%

* Elevation height: above sea level

* Control system: Installation site indoor, non-corrosive, non-explosion-proof area;

Explosion-proof electric heater features:

1, small size, large power: The main use of the heater cluster tubular heating elements.

2, fast thermal response, high temperature control precision, Explosion-proof Electric Heater high comprehensive thermal efficiency.

3, High heating temperature: heater design maximum operating temperature of up to 850 ℃.

4, the medium outlet temperature is even, the control temperature precision is high.

5, a wide range of applications, adaptable: the heater can be used in explosion-proof or ordinary occasions, explosion-proof grade can reach Dⅱb class and C-class, withstand pressure up to 20MPa.

6, long life, high reliability: The heater uses a special electric material manufacturing, design surface power load is low, and the use of multiple protection, Explosion-proof Electric Heater so that the safety and life of electric heaters greatly increased.

7, can be fully automatic control: according to the requirements of the heater circuit design, can facilitate the export temperature, flow, pressure and other parameters of automatic control, and machine computer network.

8, energy-saving effect is remarkable, electricity produces heat almost 100% to the heating medium