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Hot Air Heating Device Has High Thermal Efficiency
Sep 06, 2017

The hot air heating apparatus relates to an infrared heating apparatus for a dryer, which belongs to the technical field of agricultural product drying. The device is mainly used for the use of hot air stove as a heating device to use hot air directly after the burning of agricultural products, Hot Air Heating Device fuel combustion of harmful substances pollution of agricultural products, toxic and hazardous substances remain in agricultural products, and the use of coal-fired stove as a heating device, agricultural products Drying, the existence of coal combustion pollution of the environment, energy consumption, a high cost of investment, put forward a hot air heating device. The device uses the infrared plate as the heat source of the heating device, Hot Air Heating Device through the heat transfer plate to store and transmit the heat of the infrared heating plate, through the wind guide plate will enter the hot air heating device fully with the infrared board and the thermal plate contact to improve the heat transfer efficiency, The temperature of the air. The device has high thermal efficiency, simple structure, low investment cost, flexible installation, easy maintenance, Hot Air Heating Device applicable to all kinds of dryers.

In the paper machine using hot air heating device, can reduce the paper machine dryer at the entrance of the paper moisture, the paper machine to improve the speed, and can improve the paper transverse moisture uniformity and enhance the wet strength of paper to reduce the decapitation.

The flow field and the temperature field in the hot air heating device are analyzed, and the characteristics of the airflow and temperature distribution in the heating device are analyzed.The results show that the airflow distribution in the whole heating device is uniform under the combined action of the heat conducting plate and the manifold, The temperature gradient of the flow field is obviously changed, Hot Air Heating Device the temperature at the outlet is uniform and the temperature can reach 100 ℃, which can meet the design requirements and can provide the basis for the further improvement of the hot air heating device.