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Hot Air Heating Device Is The First Choice For Equipment In Various Industries
Nov 02, 2017

Hot air heating device is to absorb foreign product design experience, designed for large equipment and pipeline heating, clear the pipeline humidity and garbage development design products. Hot Air Heating Device Because the hot air heating device is a hot air heater, the working principle of the hot air heating device is caused by the flow of air to heat the special equipment, the environment heating, dehumidification, Hot Air Heating Device and cleaning equipment inside the installation and processing of the residue and dust, hot air heating device Can also be used for chemical industry, textile and other special industries and places temperature adjustment.

Hot air heating device has a small size, light weight, long and continuous stable and reliable operation. Provide 20 ~ 650 ℃ continuously adjustable, temperature ± 1 ℃ high-quality hot air, Hot Air Heating Device the industry is the first choice for equipment.

Hot air heating device performance and features:

Drying: Various types of dry heating equipment.

Welding: Thermoplastic welding.

Heat shrinkable welding: heat shrinkable film packaging and film type hot melt welding.

Heating: Chain-type roasted calcined tunnel.

Clean: remove the plastic mold residue, Hot Air Heating Device enhance the plastic surface gloss.

Soldering and soldering: integrated circuit patch and components welding and desoldering.