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Programmable Logic Controller On The Advantages Of Electric Heating Boiler With Thermic Oil Heater
Mar 08, 2016

1. control of oil temperature more quickly. Compared with traditional relay, programming the control system through sensors on the oil temperature acquisition, analysis, and control more speedily, can be completed in a very short time of oil temperature control.

2. protection of the electric heating tube in place. Traditional control methods there are deviations lead to use of electric heating, electrical tubular heating elements used for a long time, some electrical tubular heating elements used for a short time, there is no reasonable recycling control. But through a programmable logic controller, cycle control of the electric heating is realized, based on actual demand for electric heating tube is reused, substantially increasing the life and efficiency of the electric heating tube.

3. higher reliability, issues related to electric heating boiler with thermic oil heater failure greatly reduced. Based on actual usage, using programmable controller to control electric heating oil furnace, heating heat transfer oil furnace runs more stable, various types of failure reduced close to 70%.