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Steam Heaters Avoid Energy Waste
Jul 24, 2017

The steam heater adopts steel-aluminum composite fin tube as the main heat exchanger element. Due to the use of advanced composite technology, in the tube temperature below 210 degrees of basic non-contact thermal resistance. The water temperature machine combines the pressure resistance of the steel tube and the high thermal conductivity of aluminum, the heat transfer performance is excellent, Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater while avoiding the direct contact between the steel pipe and the air, and the corrosion resistance has been effectively improved. Because the fins are not folded, the air resistance is lower than the winding type. Temperature also has the advantages of easy water, easy cleaning, compact structure and large heat transfer area.

The working principle of the steam heater is to put a more primary and a secondary with less turns on the same iron core. The input and output voltage ratio equals the ratio of coil turns, Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater while the energy remains unchanged. Therefore, the secondary produces a large current under low voltage conditions. For induction heaters, the bearing is a short circuit secondary, with a lower AC voltage under the condition of a large current, resulting in a large amount of heat. The electric heater itself and the magnetic yoke remain at room temperature. Because the heating method can induce the current, the bearing will be magnetized. Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater It is important to ensure that the bearing is degaussing in the future so that it does not absorb metal particles during operation. The heat-sensitive heater has automatic degaussing function.

Steam heater is the use of high-temperature steam to heat the low-temperature gas heat exchanger, mostly used in large-scale PTA projects Exhaust Gas expander heating, to achieve technological requirements temperature. For large-scale heaters, in order to save costs and the structure of their own needs, Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater each heater can be two-stage series, the use of different materials, the use of two quality steam, to avoid energy waste, while saving the cost of manufacturing, for small heaters can be made into one, simple structure.

Gas cooler, horizontal storage tank, air compressor class cooler, floating head heat exchanger, water cooler, composite pipe gas cooler, centrifugal compressor with pressure vessel-separator, for metallurgy, air separation, pharmaceutical industry to provide heat exchanger, separator. In view of the different medium condition uses the high efficiency heat exchanging element, designs, Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater manufactures the high efficiency energy-saving vessel equipment, in reduces the pressure drop, the heat transfer, separates the integration: guarantees the continuous operation: enhances the system and the whole machine efficiency aspect has the unique.

For the public Works, defense, environmental protection industry to provide heat exchangers, separator tanks and other pressure vessel equipment. Material has carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals.

The steam heater shell is covered by the High-temperature insulation layer outside is the electromagnetic drum, and electromagnetic controller, circuit form electromagnetic heating system. Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater The heat conduction oil in the U-shaped bundle is heated by steam in the steam silo; Under the action of the electromagnetic controller, the electric disk barrel is heated by steam heater casing for steam chamber. Steam in the steam compartment heats up rapidly and reaches the set temperature and pressure under double heating. The ideal purpose of the technical requirements of steam preheater, steam generator and steam reheater for application system such as solar thermoelectric station is achieved.