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Steam Heaters Improve The Surrounding Environment
Jun 14, 2017


Steam in the water and other liquids directly to the pipeline mixed heating, due to the vapor pressure, the sudden flow of sudden changes in the flow, causing a sharp increase in pressure and reduce the alternating changes, this phenomenon is called water hammer or water hammer, Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater some people Called a hammer. Produce steam hammer, not only will produce liquid splash, and even hurt, but also on the pipeline and ancillary equipment have a huge impact, will cause the flange, weld and other loose, serious cause safety accidents.

Just think about the modern plant, the heating process of ping-pong, thunderstorms, is definitely a rather dissonant phenomenon. Today, the new vigorously designed and processed steam heater, Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater not only no noise, no vibration, and low cost, easy to install.

General customers to buy steam heater is mainly to reduce the noise when the steam heating, Xi'an Dingxing Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. as a manufacturer for the introduction of steam heater advantages are as follows:

1, energy efficient, thermal efficiency of up to 99%. The use of scroll steam heater can make the steam quickly and evenly directly dissolved in water, and steam and heated liquid pressure even if only 0.04Mpa, Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater the steam can still be better to join the heated liquid, so the heat loss is small, High thermal efficiency.

2, hot water temperature is high: the use of steam heaters can get higher temperature hot water, the maximum heating temperature of the container for the 98 ℃ pressure vessel up to 150 ℃. Heater maximum working pressure is 1.6Mpa.

3, the vibration is small, low noise: help to improve the surrounding environment, compared with the vase-type steamer, scroll steam heater due to the use of internal vortex muffler structure, noise less than 50db, vibration greatly reduced.

4, the total investment is low: heat directly into the water tank, can save hot water pump room equipment, saving investment.

5, simple operation and maintenance: water, Steam (heat Exchanger) Electric Heater steam separate control, so the remaining cold water tank can be repeated heating, temperature control convenience.

6, the steam heater is made of stainless steel finish, without disassembly and maintenance, long service life.