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Thermal Oil Heaters Generate Dirt Is The Root Cause Of Instability In Hot Conditions
Mar 08, 2016

Oil furnace heating system generates harmful dirt, easy to clean. Heat conduction oil stove thermal condition of dirt is at the root of instability, especially in the direct heat conduction oil furnace in unstable thermal condition, local overheating, thus causing dirt generated.

Run oil furnace under stable thermal conditions are fundamental measures to avoid dirt. If heat conduction oil stove on dirt without cleaning, but to maintain heat output with high strength, heat conduction oil stove is very harmful. High strength caused by high temperature combustion, will promote the generation of dirt, creating a vicious cycle. May create a security incident or consequence of the equipment scrapped due to dirt cannot be cleaned. Therefore, in stable thermal conditions, is to ensure the safe and stable operation of heat conduction oil stove.