Hot Air Heating Device

  • Fan Electric Heater

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    Fan Electric Heater

    Technical parameters: Type:BGY230*230-380/1080 Heated medium:waste gas(process waste gas of N-hexane and butadiene oven) Waste gas flowrate: 160000Nm3/h(max) Operating pressure: 2000Pa Operating temperature: 350? Inlet diameter:DN2300,outlet diameter:DN2300 Description This...Read More

  • Radiation Type Heater

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    Radiation Type Heater

    High quality radiation type heater Power for each element: 2KW to 40 KW Working voltage: 30V to 220V Useful length: 900 to 2400mm Outside diameter: F 80- F 280 F 2.Characteristics: 1) The highest working temperature up to 1400 degree. 2) Longer working life,and better...Read More

  • Hot Air Heating Device (One-piece Distribution Box On-site)

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    Hot Air Heating Device (One-piece Distribution Box On-site)

    Description: AH-10 Hot air heating device is consist of heater,high temperature cycle fan,pipeline system and control system. Features: This product have several characteristics, such as accurate temperature control,energy-saving and high efficient, it also can communicate...Read More

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